Your Lesson

Using hands-on contact as a stimulus to your system, primarily through the head, neck, torso, and limbs, you are brought to a more accurate, real-time awareness of the balance (or imbalance) of muscular tensions throughout your body, ultimately inviting your system's redistribution of a more effective, and less fatiguing, tensional balance. 

A note on Tension:

Tension gets a bad rap. Everyone is looking to eliminate tension, but that's not truly what we need. Think of a guitar: too much tension, the strings are too tight, and the instrument is out of key-But too little tension, and you can't play the instrument at all. What we're truly looking for is balance, so that we can bring our entire instrument in tune.

Essentially, you may discover your shoulders are tight, but that is only a symptom of your whole story (albeit, sometimes a vey loud one.) Because we are not just parts, but a whole being, this imbalance lets us know there is a lack of tensional balance somewhere else.  Through the experience of a lesson, you are brought into a more accurate sense of your patterns of holding, and with the guidance and support of a teacher, your system is able to allow the excess muscular tensionto be released and redistributed to where it's most needed. The beauty of our design is that we don't need to know where the tension 'should' go: once we free the movement, it will arrive.