What is the Alexander Technique?

Life happens. And as it happens to us, we react, whether we perceive it or not, with deep patterns of habitual response-both of use and of thought. But these patterns don't have to rule us: they can guide us.  

The Alexander Technique is not a fix; Although it can often lead to relief, it's preventative. It teaches us how to to perceive more accurately what's going on with ourselves as it's happening, and empowers us to make choices in real-time of how we wish to continue-and who we truly choose to be.

Who is it for?

Actors, singers, musicians, dancers, athletes, artists, office workers, writers, or those in the midst of pregnancy, post-partum, pre/post-transition, post surgery and recovery.... 


The Technique can also be applied to those who suffer chronic pain, anxiety, depression, or anyone looking to live more easily in accordance with their design.

What happens in a lesson?

Using hands-on contact through the head, neck, torso and limbs,  the student is introduced to a more accurate sense of awareness, which allows for a redistribution of habitual holding. This can be done while standing, lying on the table or floor, or in daily activities, such as sitting, standing, writing, typing, singing, yoga, dancing, etc.

It is through this awareness that the student becomes free to experience themselves more fully and accurately in the present, and with less of the habitual holdings or muscular engagement of the past that often cause chronic pain and symptoms of anxiety and depression.