My journey with the Alexander Technique began over 10 years ago while I was in my acting training. I was struggling with connecting myself to what I was doing. After my first lesson, I felt free, and like I was home. And I had the realization that I'd spent the first 20+ years of my life disconnected from myself, living "in my head". But it wasn't until I'd felt embodied that I realized that up to this moment, I hadn't been. As I continued the lessons, I began to notice things about myself: How I would move differently when I was running late, how my mind would wander to negative thoughts, and how I would then experience excess tensions in my body, specifically through my shoulders, head and neck. Once I began to notice these experiences as they were happening, I was empowered to make a choice. I could continue to have the same experience I was familiar with (and I didn't enjoy!), or I could pause, come back to my full self, and ask myself if there was something more available. Some days there was, and some days there wasn't, but this was the seed that ultimately sent me further in exploration of not just the art-form, but myself.