What is the Alexander Technique?

Think of it as a Personal GPS. Life happens. And as it happens to us, we react, whether we perceive it or not, and we carry around the residual "happenings" through excessive neuromuscular tension. The Alexander Technique is not a fix; Although it can often lead to relief, it's ultimately preventative. It teaches us how to begin to perceive what's going on with ourselves as it's happening, and empowers us to make choices in how we wish to continue.

Who is it for?

Actors, singers, musicians,  dancers, athletes, artists, office workers, writers: Everyone. The Technique can also be applied to those who suffer chronic pain, anxiety, depression, or anyone looking to live more easily and in accordance with their design.

What happens in a lesson?

Using hands on contact, differently than massage, the student is brought to an awareness of the balance or imbalance of neuromuscular tension. Through this awareness, the student is free to allow these excess tensions to be redistributed more efficiently and with ease.